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Selling myself…

It feels weird spamming this link everywhere I can think of, begging for votes, but that’s exactly what I’m doing! I need votes for this fun Doodlers Anonymous contest!! I am currently neck and neck with… another giant squid monster … Continue reading

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Squiduary, originally uploaded by skudfisher. My entry for the latest calendar contest. I don’t think my chances of winning are very good (they have some amazing artists over there) but it was really fun drawing it! I kind of … Continue reading

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Here Be Squid Thingies (Final)

Here Be Squid Thingies (Final), originally uploaded by skudfisher. Phew! What a crazy drawing. I spent almost a week on it from start to finish. Not a lot of hours really, but a lot of brainstorming, sketching, and testing colours … Continue reading

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Here be squid thingies… (work in progress)

Here be squid thingies… (work in progress), originally uploaded by skudfisher. Work in progress of a drawing I’ve spent about a week playing around with. Water took me waaaaaay longer than I wanted tonight… my hand is all cramped and … Continue reading

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Tentacle – No logo

Tentacle – No logo, originally uploaded by skudfisher. I still seem to be obsessed with squid monsters and tentacles… I bet Freud would have a field day with this…

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