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Charles P. Weatherburough III

Charles P. Weatherburough III, originally uploaded by skudfisher. I am not really happy with this drawing. I had a different idea in mind when I started and half way through I realized it wasn’t working but I finished it anyway.

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Oopie, originally uploaded by skudfisher. Maybe I’m a little out of practice but this drawing gave me a HORRIBLE hand cramp while drawing it…

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Cheeky Tiki

Cheeky Tiki, originally uploaded by skudfisher. Still not feeling well and home sick from work. Wasn’t feeling particularly ambitious but it feels weird to just be sitting around doing nothing while I hope to get better. My short attention span … Continue reading

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Random doodles

Random doodles, originally uploaded by skudfisher. Home sick today. Have been drifting in and out of sleep on the couch. I have been SUPER-mega-cranky all day. I drew these guys to try and cheer myself up. It didn’t work. I … Continue reading

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