Parc Lafontaine

Parc Lafontaine, originally uploaded by skudfisher.

I bought a new camera for my upcoming trip to Victoria/Vancounver and had not really had a chance to try it out until today. It was beautiful outside so I went for a walk through Parc Lafontaine which is only about 10 minutes from my apartment. The camera seems to work great! I’m especially happy with how fast it turns on and off and takes photos. My last one was a lot slower. It also seems like the batteries will last a super long time because I had it on for several hours and it still looks like it’s almost fully charged. They threw in an extra battery pack for free when I bought it so I think I might even be able to go my whole trip next week without having to charge a single battery while I’m gone, which is great.

There were tons of kids in the park today. They must have summer programs or camps or something going on because I saw about 10 huge groups of kids running around. On the far end of the park there was a theatre group doing what looked like improv under some big trees with about 40 kids sitting around them laughing hysterically. There was also another huge group of kids coming out of the cultural centre while I was walking by it. On yet another corner of the park there was also a group setting up what looked like a mini circus or some sort of play or something with film crews running around filming stuff.

It was really a lovely afternoon to be out in the park.

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