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Mr. Donut

Is it just me or are all the commercials in Japan just way better (and slightly creepier) than anything over here? Now I want a donut… Advertisements

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Bunch of crazy doodles

Sketchbook 009 Originally uploaded by skudfisher Picture I took of some recent sketchbook shenanigans. Really need to buy a scanner…

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Bang bang bang bang bang…GAAAHHH!

There is construction going on across the street from my office. They seem to be jack hammering a hole to the center of the earth. There has been non-stop banging noises for 4 straight hours so far today. It sounds … Continue reading

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Boo boo Baba Dee Dee

BOO BOO BABA DEE DEE!!!! I never had the Cartoon Network because we don’t get it here in Canada and yet I somehow came across this commercial a long, long time ago and for some totally random reason it was … Continue reading

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Annoying Pirate Ghost

Annoying Pirate Ghost, originally uploaded by skudfisher. This was supposed to be for an animation for a music video for a friend but I never got around to finishing (starting?) work on it.

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Playing around

So I’ve had some crappy free php script running for a while now and it’s not living up to my relatively low demands/expectations and I’ve decided to scrap it for wordpress and see if this works out better. I’m … Continue reading

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